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FitzGerald Yap Kreditor LLP
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Irvine, California 92618

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FitzGerald Yap Kreditor LLP Overview

FitzGerald Yap Kreditor, LLP is a law firm based in Orange County, California which specializes in business law, securities, immigration and real estate law. Our firm has more than 25 years of experience in the ever-evolving world of business and real estate and through our blend of business knowledge and legal expertise we have become one of the most trusted firms in the area. No matter whom you are or how much money you may have invested in securities or real estate, it is important to receive knowledgeable, well-informed counsel when it comes to your financial future. At FitzGerald Yap Kreditor, LLP, our focus is to provide the expertise and legal guidance you require with a personal approach that our clients will not find at larger firms.

The firm of FitzGerald Yap Kreditor, LLP serves a wide range of clients, from individuals and small businesses to foreign based companies. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in all matters of the law and we are prepared to represent our clients in whatever capacity is necessary. FitzGerald Yap Kreditor, LLP has been a trusted firm in the Orange County community for over 25 years and we will continue to provide our clients with high-quality legal expertise in business, securities, immigration and real estate.

FitzGerald Yap Kreditor LLP Areas of Law

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